Online dating tips

Online dating tips for men

online dating tipsImagine how many times have you got frustrated and discontinue following the catchy online dating tips for men like: “have a pleasant profile, remark something you like from her profile, ask her something that makes her to reply back, upload a nice picture, etc.

Have you wonder that more than 90% of men leave online dating in first three months as they did not get the results they expected? So, if you believe that you are clueless on how to meet a women online, then you will be glad to know that you are not alone as MOST men feel in the same way.

You perhaps might be still checking if there are any other online dating tips which actually you can consider so that you get the results you are waiting for. You can immediately start using the three tips mentioned below:

Tip One: Do Not Date Online

Okay, if you are questioning on how to get a girlfriend by online dating, then I tell you that you do not do it. Well, not rightly. Online dating is a perfect way to meet women, although if you want to learn how to approach women and build a meaningful relationship, you need to experience the interaction offline as early as you can.

I have seen that most of the online dating tips simply tell you on how to communicate by email and how to get a girl to reply to your e-mail. However, have you worked upon building a great relationship by email or phone and came to know that there was nothing in person? What an unbelievable waste of time!

Needless to say that there are many women who post inaccurate pictures or who just want to chat online and hesitate later on when it comes to meeting in person. Its is better that you do not waste your time on online dating, rather you only use that as a place to meet her and then get to know more about her in the old fashioned way.

Tip Two: Timing surely counts a lot

This best online dating tips for men that you will ever learn is to send all your e-mails on Saturday and Sunday morning. certainly, timing is not a major deal for a man because men are mostly results and actions oriented. But this is a absolutely different story with women. They are all in relation to the process in which women wants men to meet, follow, fascinate and seduce them.

Most women who are into online dating get a lot of emails and what happens is that they are very occupied to respond during the week. Needless to say that they are distracted. Although, it is true that most single women go out on Friday and Saturday nights expecting to meet a man. If unsuccessful at this then they will get up frustrated and see whether different options are available or not by checking their emails and she finds your email. This is very convenient. Don’t you think ?!

Final Tip: The long and short of Emailing

There are three main tips for e-mailing women on dating sites. The first tip is to use less than 100 words because if you will use too much words then it she may think that you have nothing else to do with your time and hence, she may not read it entirely. Second one is to send a follow up email if she does not email you back and in this situation being persistent will help. The third one is placing yourself as a man of value.

In relation to the last tip, the idea is to indicate same level of interest and disinterest. In other words, do not care much if she does not reply back as it is not a that big deal. It may sound counterproductive, but if a woman feels that you are not eager to hear from her she will assume automatically that you have a higher social value than most of the men meeting her.

Put these to work immediately by returning back to the game as this is also one of the way to approach women.

You will have an unfair advantage over the other guys out there and able to attract more quality women in your life when you follow these online dating tips and the right thing is that you do not even need to go out of your house to meet them.