How to Please a Woman

Do you want to know how to please a woman inside as well as outside the bedroom? You may guess that there must be some secret to please a woman if you have been in at least one relationship with a woman. Most guys who do not know how to please a woman usually go out of their way to buy things for woman and these guys rearrange their lives so that they get a woman’s If you have figured out that this does not work and if you are looking for a great advice which can help you to know the best places to women and establish solid connections with them, you will be more happy to learn these simple tips..

Tip 1: Distinct Knowledge of Female Attraction

One of the key secrets to know how to please a woman is not to go out of your way to please her. I understand this might sound pointless to you. But woman challenges man to check if he is man enough to stand his position or he folds up under pressure and do as much as he can to please her. Women go for men who can protect and take care of them, hence they select men who they are attracted to and the men whom they frequently cannot become bossy towards.

So the first step to know how to please a woman is being able to identify when you are beig tested and being able to adhere to your own personal values. You will show that you are a decisive and powerful man when you do this with surety and confidence along with demonstrating that you will be able to stand up for your woman and take care of her. It will be much easier for you to take control of the relationship and to keep it after you go through all the tips for men dating women. Women look for these kind of men to fulfill their lives.

Tip 2: How to Please a Woman Emotionally

Probably the most challenging skill for a man to master is to know how to please a woman emotionally. This requires you to interpret the indirect nature in which women communicate. Men are more basic thinkers and would often skip over the obecure games such as guess what I am thinking or feeling games. In contrast, women want you to read in between the lines and  determine their needs and be a man to satisfy those needs.

This may confure you unless you understand that certainty and significance are the most important needs of women. How do you know these are the most important? Simply pay attention to the advertisements which are directed towards women products which satisfy their needs for significance and for security.

So always ask yourself if a woman is acting out of a need for significance or a need for certainty when she expects you to anticipate your needs. Also respect the woman in question for who she is and appreciate her characteristics as much as you do her good looks or style.

Tip 3: Dress Up Like a Man

Do not forget dressing up like a man of class. You need not be dressed up in costly outfits, it is how you wear them, the color schemes, the accessories like sunglasses, watches and maybe even a cute little stud earring and of course good shoes. The book indeed gets judged by the cover before being bought. So spend some time in grooming yourself. Hygiene is important too.

Tip 4: How to Please a Woman Physically

If you know how to please a woman emotionally and if you pass her tests, then you might not believe this but she will open to you for intimate relationship! Women believes that whatever happens in the bedroom is the climax of whatever happens in the rest of your relationship. So things will not go well in the bedroom if you are not pleasing her emotionally and placing yourself as a man of value with confidence.

Hence you will find it much easier to learn how to please a woman by checking yourself on these three tips.

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