How to Pick Up Women

I understand your curiosity to learn how to pick up women. The main point is that you are actually going to work on developing a skill that most of the men do not have a clue about. Hence it is good for you. Knowing how to approach women and how to attract women is not something you are either born with or not born with.

Alternatively, like any other skill, this skill can also be learned: through consistent practice and measuring of what is working and what is not. But if you are not hardworking to go through all that scrupulous trial and error, then the following three tips will help you to learn how to pick up women..

Tip 1: Go Where the Women Are

This may sound like a simple advice for you in regards to learning how to pick up women, but it is the mistake of most men to approach women in places where the competition is really tight. For example: night clubs, bars, movie theatres… At these places, women get hit by many guys per minute while they are just hanging out with their friends.

Of Course, if you are looking to get more practice then these places are  greate to go but you should not be more interested in getting a lot of quality results. But if you begin approaching women at places like: coffee houses, parks, libraries, bookstores, etc… I am sure that you will see a lot less competition and because of this women do not care much about high security.

Tip 2: Building Trust helps

One of the topmost secrets of how to pick up women is to quickly build trust. But how will you do this when it is very clear that you are approaching her for unique reason only? It is easy, do not approach her till the time you have built trust in her. For instance, if she is having a coffee in a coffee house, sit in a chair close to her. After sometime, tell her that you are going to the washroom and ask her keep an eye on your seat where you have left not extremely important belongings.

This will communicate a gentle message that you have trust in her, and people almost always get insprired to resemble trust when we extend one’s trust in them. Then for sure you say thanks when you come back and this will make her probably much more approachable for you.

TIP: for amazing results, make fun out of this and say: “I am going to the washroom and if anybody touches my backpack then I need you to tackle them.” After this, it becomes much easier to engage her in a conversation. Then you move to the last step.

Tip 3: Use the “I have to leave now” strategy

Once you have some conversation going, act in way that you just received a text message from one of your friend and you have to go. This type of “interruption” will create a chance for you to say: “I have to go, but I would like to continue this conversation, so are you free on..?”

And yes !,  go ahead and ask for the date at this time. You will make her feel that you are not a needy man because the conversation was interrupted and both of you still have something to discuss about.

Work on the this skill and keep in mind that how to pick up women is a skill that can be learned by practicing. You will get comfortable with this after sometime and other men will ask you for advice on how to pick up women.

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