How to get a girlfriend

How to get a Girlfriend ?

Have you begin to understand that knowing how to get a girlfriend is a skill you need to have to achieve what you really want? Believe it or not, how to please a woman is not a course offered even in colleges. In reality, you are most often left with whatever you learned from your friends or your father while you were growing up, when we consider practical tips for men dating women.

If you feel that this is only not enough for you to learn the rock solid strategies for how to get a girlfriend, then you are about the find some invaluable information that most men never learn.

Three Little Known Tips for Men Dating Women:

Tip 1: Nice Guys Finish Last

Have you noticed sometime that the men who actually know how to attract beautiful women are also a few of the unrefined and roughest men you have ever met? If not then you have probably been existing in a cave. Women of course tell you that they look for a polite, nice and disciplined guy who has a big heart and a great relationship with his mother.

But you must have also checked that men and women date pretty much never meet this statement. My apologies to all women but actions speak louder than words. and the evidence is in: nice guys finish last. In other words, you have to stop listening to women’s advice if you want to enjoy outstanding interaction with women.

Most people are very unclear about what they really want.. and their words more or less always contradict their actions. So if you really want to know the best tips for men dating women, then start paying attention to the men whom women are actually dating, pursuing and sleeping with.

Tip 2: Rejection is Your Friend

Can this be a good advice on how to get a girlfriend? Alright, lets be fair about the point that none the man in this world has always had 100% success rate in attracting women. Anybody who tells you differently is selling something. In other words, if you want to pick up women, you need to go out there and start meeting them and asking them on dates.

Of Course, most of them will reject it but the more positive response you will get when you meet and ask more women.

Tip 3: Neediness is Your Enemy

It is true that most of the men have absolutely no clue on how to get a girlfriend because they need to get a girlfriend. Again, this may sound weird to you. but women can smell desperation from a mile away. This brings down your social value and positions your weakness and this is a position which most of the time assures you won’t get what you want.

It is fine that you want to have an awesomely attractive woman in your life. Because most guys want that. The point here is that even the attractive woman out there knows that is what men want from them. They are tired of the fact that they are being approached by needy man every day. Woman will want a man more who is aware of his value and who knows that she needs him more than he needs her. This happens with a woman who is more socially valuable.

So start from today working on these three practical tips to get what you are looking for. This will make other confused men out there to wonder about your secret as they did not learn how to get a girlfriend in the appropriate way.