How to flirt with women

Tips on how to flirt with women you like

how to flirt with womenHow to flirt with women is a skill which is not ever learned by most men or even if they learn, it is not in the right way. It is known that most men’s flirting involves “Can I buy you a drink?”, “Where are you from?”, “Do you frequently come here?”, etc. There is no question that most of the men are absolutely frustrated when it comes to learn how to please a women into their life.

So if you are more interested to know how to flirt with women and you are exhausted of the same old tips for men dating women such as make eye contact, smile, compliment her, etc.  then the following three somewhat known tips on flirting are going to be something new for you to work upon.

Tip 1: Being No More Mr. Nice Guy

The key to know how to flirt with women is to understand how attraction works for women as  they get attracted towards men who make them feel safe, secure and excited, all at the same time. When this is taken into consideration, nice guys do everything that a woman wants and thus do not create any impression.

You can ask yourself, how safe would I feel with someone who did everything in the way I wanted that person to do? Absolutely, this type of person is counted as submissive who may not be able to stand up for oneself. Considering this with the fact that women go for men who will protect them and it is clear that being a nice guy all the time is not beneficial for attracting women.

Hence, “not anymore Mr. nice guy” is likely one of the most important tips for men dating women, you will ever learn.

Tip 2: Using Unpredictability

When you need to make her feel safe and secure, how do you do that with excitement? Well, learning how to flirt with women is all about becoming a bit unpredictable and make her to guess about something. And, you need to be assure that you balance mystery and unpredictability with confidence and responsibility.

The best approach to fulfill this is by merely keeping intact your life, I mean your personality and your values. even if she does not like it. And yes, due to this you may lose some women. It will surprise you to know that you will become much more desirable when a woman realizes that she cannot control you only because you want to be with her.

When a woman is more attractive, she has more men competing for her attention and she is more habitual to men who do exactly what she wants so that they get her attention. You need to set yourself apart as women are bored with this. You will be less predictable and thus more exciting for them to be around.

And our final tip for men dating women…

Tip 3: Teasing Her When She “Tests” You

All right, as you know now how uninteresting it is to do anything a woman wants, you might be questioning as to why so many women try to control their man. The reason is simple. She tests you to check whether you man enough to stick to your guns or you will fold up like a dish towel. No need to make it clear that most men do not pass these tests and they end up on becoming a woman’s friend.

It is damn easy to figure out these tests because mostly they are downright silly or unreasonable. The most appropriate way to succeed at these tests is by teasing her in a humorous and playful way for being silly or unreasonable. You will automatically place yourself head and shoulders above 90% of the male population as soon as you will do this.

Hence, use these three tips from today and see the difference it makes in your dating life. This will result in you becoming the talk of your social circle because all your male friends wonder from where you came to know the ways to flirt with women.