How to approach women

Know how to approach women for dating

how to approach womenMost men believe that knowing how to approach women is among the things that only very brave or blessed ones can succeed at without making themselves a fool. Knowing how to approach women seems to most men, one of those things that only really gifted or courageous men can draw the attention without making a fool out of themselves. Have you ever felt that if you were acquainted with how to pick up women then the rest of it would be smooth? If this is the case, you are probably extremely frustrated if you have not yet learned the art of approaching a woman whom you do not know. If this is you, then you will be happy to learn these simple tips on how to approach women:

First Tip: Know the Best Places to Meet Women

The foremost step in learning how to approach women is knowing the best places to meet women. As you may already know, it is easier to meet women in some places than to meet them at other places. For example, meeting women in the gym is not typically a good idea, or at the malls or any other place where they are busy and trying to take care of business.

Of course, when you see a woman approaching you whom you are crazy about and you know that you will never get second chance, it is better to move ahead than not do anything. Your chances of getting a positive answer will therefore increase very much if you go to places like coffee shops, clubs, parks, book stores, etc. where women unwind and hang out which indicates that they are open for meeting somebody.

Second Tip: The Walk Away Approach

Men mostly believe that they know how to approach women try in first few minutes to go upright from hello to obtaining a phone number. The issue with this is that it turns out as needy and it telegraphs interest without giving you a chance to build your social value. Hence, it is advisable that you make a brief approach or comment and after getting response from her, walk away or return back to your business.

This accomplishes two objectives: first, it shows her that you are not needy and gets her speculative if you are interested in her and it becomes very easy to turn curiosity into interest. The next thing that it does is gives you an opportunity to check her response to you and see if you are even interested. It is easier to engage her again by coming back after you have approached and walked away.

Third Tip: Use the Observational Approach

If you are a guy who thinks that the secret to how to approach women is to have strong routine memorized before you talk to her then have to guess again. The most natural approaches always turns out to be the best. I want to say that you have to become a master of using observational conversation starters for engaging people.

This not that difficult, the problem is that most men become careless to practice this till they see gorgeous women and suddenly see themselves becoming a monosyllabic cavemen. I am sure that you will never learn the tips for men dating women if you only test your skills under this kind of pressure.

The best thing you can do is to practice observational conversation starters with everybody you perhaps can, for instance, girls, guys, elder people, fat guys you would normally never speak to etc. Your conversational skills will be acute when you finally see a woman you are attracted to and you will feel like you are on your game.

This would be the perfect moment to quote “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”.

Keep this in mind that to learning to approach women is not a magical feat which needs you to call for your spirit guide. Like other things, it is coherent practice, and these three steps will facilitate you to become a master.