How to Approach Girls

Imagine for a moment if you knew how to approach girls and drastically increase your dating life options. Just imagine the number of dates you could get as early as this weekend. If this sounds like something you are more interested in, I am sure that you are probably anxious and excited to know the secrets of how to approach women and how to attract beautiful women so that you can have quality women of your choice or possibly the perfect partner. Without possessing the right skills, you are forced to accept what is left over when the men, who know how to approach girls, are choosing.

So let us straightaway get into some practical tips for how to increase your dating options:

Tip One: Learning How to Approach Girls 

Frankly speaking, I must say that learning how to approach girls is not something you are ever going to do by reading EBooks and articles alone. You actually have to start meeting different girls and apply what you have learned about how to approach women.  You have to risk yourself in making some mistakes and facing rejection. Does this make you feel uncomfortable and do you hope that there is an easier way to work on it?

If that is the case, the very first thing that you need to do is to develop a way to cope with rejection, as our life is full of it. It is a sign of emotional maturity to learn how to deal with disappointment and rejection. This is something you must possess if you want to have any hope of learning how to attract beautiful women. The best way to start is by building your sense of personal value and developing the empowering belief that women need you more than you need them.

You can take some time to think that as a man you have ample of time to develop your character and attraction building skills.  In contrast, these have no relation with the way you look. On the other hand, it is true that women are geared towards the mercy of their looks and have to land a good man before gravity and time take their toll on her looks. As a result, they need you more than you need them, and the sooner you learn this, it will not become difficult for you to know how to approach girls.

Tip Two: A Different Philosophy on How to Approach Girls

Have you read all of the superficial advice on how to approach girls and tried it only to see lousy results? If yes then you might be relieved to know that the superficial advice such as make eye contact, smile, make compliments, be confident, ask her name, etc…is not what really works. These are the things that each guy believes about how to approach girls.  You are right if you think that women either have caught onto this by now or are bored with the same thing.

You have to be proficient in the art of indirect communication if you want to be the guy like a diamond in a rough. This means that you will show her with your words that you are just casually interested in her, whereas your body language tells her that you are interested in her at a deeper level.

The reason why most men believe this is the right way to learn how to approach girls because they unwisely believe that women think in the same way they think. They think most of the time that women are bottom-line thinkers who want everything to be organized on the table in black and white. That is not the case anymore, as nowadays women prefer a little romance, mystery and uncertainty. It keeps them guessing and thus challenges them and eventually it builds attraction.

That is the difference between men who fall flat on their face and do not achieve what they want and those who actually know how to approach girls and create smoking hot desire.

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